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How can I use contacts

First hit the Contacts button that you can access from the homepage. This will lead you to the contacts page where you where you are able to manage all your existing contacts and create new ones.

To create a new group of contacts, hit the New Group button.

This will open a small window where will have to enter the name of your contact group.

If you check the box Share This Group With All Users On This Account everyone on your account will find this contact group in their contacts menu.

To access and edit the group simply click the group name.

To add contacts to a group, access the wanted group, then click Add E-Mails.

This will open a window where you can add emails. Remember to have each separate contact be on a new line.

When clicking Add, the contacts will be added to the group. If you want to add more contacts to an existing group, just follow the same steps, start by hitting the Add E-Mails button. To delete a contact, select the contact, then hit Delete.

If you want to export you contacts to Excel, you can do this by selecting the wanted contact group and hit the Export button.

To duplicate a group, select the wanted group, then hit Duplicate.

To delete an entire group, select the wanted group, then hit Delete.



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