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How to create automated notifications

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to set up and customize notifications in a draft quest.

  • Navigate to the Notifications tab and click the Plusbutton to create a new notification.

A new notification will be created and by clicking on it we can customize the content and triggers of the notification.

  • Click on it

  • First give the condition a fitting Name and set the Condition for the notification to trigger.

  • Choose which question and answer alternative should trigger the notification. In this example, we want everyone who answered the question, regardless of which alternative the respondent chose, to be included. We have selected Question no.1 and the condition is set to be triggered if the respondent answers the given Question. You may also add more conditions to the trigger.
  • Click Save when you have finalized the trigger conditions.

  • The notification can be sent to either a specified email address or the respondent by choosing from the To drop-down menu.


  • Write Subject and  Notification Body. This is the text the recipient of the notification will receive on email. Don’t forget to Save.


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