How to use Import Questions

In Designer you are able to import questions from an Excel sheet or from another quest, by following this path:

Then you choose whether you want to import from a quest or from a file:

From Quest:

Import questions from a Quest allows you to copy and re-use one or several questions from any Quests you have access to. This copy process covers the properties, settings and translations, while any routing conditions in the copied questions will not be included.

If you select from Quest and click Next, and you will see a list of all the quests you can import questions from. You can click on the filter symbols to filter the list or use the search field to search for the quest you want to copy the questions from. When you have found the quest you wanted, click on it, before you click Next

When you have found the quest you wanted, click on it, before you click Next

Select the questions you want, and click add

From File: 

Import questions from a file allows you to create and build up your questions in a spreadsheet and to import or paste them directly to your Quest.

Select From file and click Next:

Select the questions you want, and click add

Click Download Microsoft Excel Worksheet with examples of all question types to see how you need to build the file

In the Example file you will see that all questions have a code above the question text, for example ##SSM##. This code specifies the question type. You will find all the different codes that can be used in the columns H and I in the example file.

The imported questions will be displayed in a preview list. Check that the questions look good and have the correct question type.

If the system found an error or did not manage to read the file properly, it will tell you what the problem is and show you where in the file the problem is. Fix this in your file and click Previous. Upload the file again.

When the list looks good, click Add and the questions will be imported to you quest

Note! that you cannot enable the “I don’t know” and/or “Other” options in the import dialog. In order to add these options to an imported question, you would have to manually enable them in the question set-ups after completing the import.


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