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How schedule a report-export

Scheduled Export is an add-on feature, Contact support@questback.no to activate.

Easily schedule the export of your reports containing valuable insights by scheduling a specific time or creating a frequency for the exports.

Head over to Reports(1), select the Report(2) you wish to schedule and click the Scheduled Reports Button(3).

A new window will open where you get an overview of your reports, here you may add or change the report you want to schedule. When you have selected the report you wish to schedule, click Next.

Select desired File-Format(1) for the report you wish to schedule an export on, and click Next(2)

In this window specify which e-mail address the Report shall be dispatched to, choose your desired options for the report and click Next.

In the final window you can choose if the scheduled report should have a recurring export, or only be exported once at given date/time:
Give the Export a fitting Name(1), Select if the export should be Recurring(2) or exported once at given date/time, Set the Date/Time(3).
Click Upcoming execution dates(4) to see a schedule of when the report will be exported, click Save(5).

The report shown in this example, has now been scheduled to be exported every Monday at 08:30 in the morning.

To view/change the scheduled export, simply head over to Scheduled Exports and click on the Report in order to view or change it.

You may also schedule a report from here, by clicking the Plus button.



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