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Import respondent background data to a quest

Import respondent background data to a quest

  • First step is to create the excel file
  • Remember to use headlines if you want to make filters on the different background data and tags in the survey
  • The different background data must be written in the exactly same way (IMPORTANT)

  • Go to Distribution
  • Click Add invitees

  • Click Import file
  • Click on Next

  • Click Select files

  • Go to the folder where the file is saved
  • Double click on the file or drag the file into Essentials

  • When the file is found – click Next

  • Make sure that everything looks OK
  • Click Next

  • If you want to make filters in the report site – the different background data must be filterable
  • If you have background data which are unique – i.e. employee number etc. you usually don’t need to make this filterable
  • Click Next

  • It is not dangerous to use Immediately after you…. because it’s not until you have clicked Publish quest the invitations goes out. See question mark icon if you are unsure
  • Click Next

  • Click OK to add all the invitees to Essentials



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