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How to create automated notifications

Create automated notifications


  • Click Notifications

  • When clicking Notifications the first time in a draft quest, a new notification displays automatically
  • Click on “New” button
  • Click on “+ Create condition”

  • Mark: Only when a response matches the following criterion:
  • Click Select a question
  • If you always want to send the notifications – mark: Every time someone responds


Every time someone responds

  • Chose what question and answer alternative who should “trigger” the notification
  • If you want more criterias – simply click the plus icon and chose another question

  • Write a Notification Name
  • Who should receive the notification? User specified recipient, Respondent or Recipient specified in respondent data?
  • Write Notification Subject
  • Write Notification Body/text. This is the text the recipient of the notification will receive on email

  • Fill in the email address to receive the notification. You might choose several email addresses by adding email addresses.

  • Click Save
  • Make sure the notification is active in the top right corner of the page

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