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How to share the test quest with colleagues who also wants to test your quest?

“Test Quest” allows you to test your Quest. During testing the Quest behaves just like if it is published, i.e. both routing and special actions are fully functional, and the response is recorded and made available on the Results page. Features relying on respondent data (such as some notifications or question hidings), however, will not be functional during testing. Once you publish the quest, all test data will be deleted from your quest and it will now be ready for “real” answers.

It is a simple way to share the test quest. Do as following:

1. Go to your quest.

Go to your quest

2. Go to “Test & Publish”.

Go to Test & Publish

3. Click on “Test quest”

4. This will trigger a new window in your browser.

Simply copy the URL in this new window and share with your colleagues

5. Simply copy the URL in this new window and share with your colleagues.




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