How to export responses from Follow-up?

Follow-up provide the easiest way to pull tailored, raw data Excel exports from all, or specific groups of respondents. To get started, open the Responses tab:

How to export responses from Follow-up

You may include additional information (i.e. variables) in your export by using select columns and marking all relevant fields:

  • System fields: various available technical information on responses
  • Answers: available answers on Questions posed to the respondents
  • Custom fields: available respondent data that may exist for a given respondent
  • Select all: marks all fields for a given column type
  • Restore to default: unmark all active selections

include additional information

Basic example: Selecting all Answers columns as well as “Respondent” and “Response ended” from System fields make for a good export:

Select for export

The Excel export will be stored in- and accessible from your browser’s folder designated for downloads, the data will reflect the given settings in the Responses list (e.g.):

Excel export

To restrict the exports to specific groups of respondents only, create- and apply value filters or interval filters (or combinations of the two):

apply value filters or interval filters


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