Enhanced display settings in reports (v47)

It’s become even easier to work with display settings in reports! Instead of having them in a separate area, you will now find display settings under an icon in your actual chart or table. This way you can immediately see the visual impact of changes you make to your charts and tables.

«Seems like everything sleeps in winter, but it’s a time of renewal and reflection”.
– Elizabeth Camden.

New Display settings in Reports.


Complete overhaul of display settings in Reports. Be more efficient in your report building, see your changes immediately!


Display settings has been moved to be more connected to your chart. Test different settings without being unsure to what your setting activates or to scroll down to your chart to see the result of your setting.



    • Fixed an issue with select all-button in reports.
    • Fixed an issue with missing translation for external distribution in Follow Up.
    • Fixed an issue with 140% font size in LiveReports.
    • Fixed an issue with how «Response Date» is presented for open answer-questions in report.
    • Fixed an issue with wrong footer for flag page in answer module.
    • Fixed an issue with Approval Process not displaying in left menu.
    • Fixed an issue with translations for chart download functionality in LiveReport.