Questback Essentials – Summer Release 2018

With Questback’s Essentials we aim to provide you with a feedback platform that allows you to be as flexible as you need to be, whilst working in an intuitive and straightforward way – to get that valuable insight, to drive better more informed decisions.

So, in the Summer release we have made some changes that help you get this insight quickereasier through a more streamlined respondent experience. 

Welcome – to Essentials Summer 2018

Powerful, but simple – flexible DIY feedback 

We proudly INTRODUCE simpler, smarter ROUTING. We have brought new capabilities to the routing in survey design, meaning it is now possible to define routing conditions not only for questions and question groups, but also for selected response options! How cool is this I hear you ask?

Well, with this new flexibility you are able to further personalize and customize your surveys, ensuring that all your respondents only see the questions and response options that are relevant to them. Talk about tailoring the respondent experience!

How you will BENEFIT:

  • Only relevant selections displayed to respondents
  • Yet more tools in your arsenal to fight that pesky ‘survey fatigue’
  • With an improved survey experience you may have more powerful insights in your hands

Where can I find this new feature?

The functionality is located in the answer alternative settings accessible via the gear icon:

*The routing setup introduces a brand-new condition builder. The new condition builder offers an easy way of building conditions (from simple rules through to sophisticated routing setups)

**By the way : check out our advanced quota options that we added earlier in 2018. They allow you to define separate quotas per response option and even send out separate thank you notes and forwarding URLs!

… routing continued

A cleaner, simpler, more user-friendly interface

INTRODUCING the art of design with a REFRESHED USER INTERFACE. DIY feedback not only needs to offer flexibility to both you and your respondents, it also needs to be available and presented in an easy-to-understand and intuitive way.
So we’ve given Essentials a face lift! With our new user-interface we’ve looked at how we can continue to provide the extensive DIY feedback capability you expect from us, but in a more simplified view. So we’ve grouped a whole load of features in sections, making them easier to find.
In addition, we have optimized the user guidance and streamlined the various stages in the workflow to present a cleaner, easy to work with experience. 

How you will BENEFIT:

  • Collapsible side menu – giving you more room to work
  • New header – sporting a smarter design, larger title and more consistent breadcrumbs
  • Back to Quest button – we don’t want you to get lost, so we now display a back to quest button in the header, so if you leave a quest it’s easy to find your way back
  • Grouping of settings – one logical place to find all your user settings, account settings, users, user groups, approval process and the log out button

Design – clear, clean and simple

Ready to throw away that Essentials password?

We are pleased to announce we have launched an extensive number of options to support single-sign-on (SSO) within Questback’s Essentials platform.  So if you’ve already streamlined your account landscape, Essentials is ready to jump on the band-wagon.

Many thanks for reading, for more information including a cool release video filmed in sunny Oslo, a user manual and FAQ’s, please check out our user community, or get in touch with your local Questback office.

Until the Fall!

Tutorial video – Essentials Summer release 2018