Questback Essentials – Summer release 2020


What’s new?


We are continuing to improve the power of Essentials to make it YOUR FEEDBACK, combining more flexibility with a streamlined and simplified user-experience for efficient feedback work.

First, we have completely overhauled and updated the survey elements visible to the people that provide feedback, and combined them with a new “INPUTS” section in our Theme Manager:

•    NEW: Define own color settings for survey elements “Radio & Checkboxes”, “Dropdowns”, “Sliders” and “Textboxes”.
•    IMPROVED: DIY branding in the Theme Manager, with easier to adjust settings.

How it benefits YOU
•    Your branding = your feedback
•    Your feedback = better feedback and more insights!

#2 – DISTRIBUTION – New wizard to build Dynamic Links

We have overhauled and improved our “Dynamic Link” (*) feature and offer now a wizard for you to get the links created automatically and in no time.


Simply mark and drag predefined respondent data fields into position and get your dynamic links ready, with all relevant settings and parameters for the extension of the survey URL.

It is your choice then whether to hard code the URL parameters, e.g. to embed a website survey on different subpages of your site and to know where the responses come from, or whether to keep the URL parameters dynamic and have them dynamically populated by a third party system where the link is added/embed for external distribution.
(*) Subject to additional license fee. Please contact your local Questback office in case of questions.

How it benefits YOU: 
•    Get different version of the general survey URLs in no time, with our new wizard
•    More granular distribution methods = more insights to work with
•    Efficient and automated feedback work, by seamlessly embedding it in third party software

FAQ: How to Create Dynamic Link?

Questback Essentials Summer Release 2020 Commercial slides


R&D are never taking a break to crush those annoying bugs, and here is a quick overview of what we’ve fixed in this release. 

•    Fixed an issue where flag page never were shown in the preview. 
•    Standardized several popups in Essentials service to be more similar. 
•    Fixed an issue with response count in matrix main questions and matrix column.
•    Fixed an issue with show response count in NPS questions.
•    Fixed an issue where verify user would be triggered unnecessarily. 
•    Fixed an issue in reports where decimals where not shown in the chart in some cases.
•    Fixed an issue in designer where preview of a question example would not be visible if the resolution were low enough. 
•    Fixed an issue with encoding in import questions. 
•    Fixed an issue with predefined interval filters. 
•    Fixed an issue with more than 1000 filters in the livereport.