Questback Essentials – Winter release 2019

We are really excited to bring you the Essentials Winter Release 2019. It was a busy time for the Engineering and Product Teams as the snow fell heavily in the Nordics over the winter, and now as that snow starts to melt we also have completed the third and final part of this release.

We have continued our focus on making life as easy as possible for you to get those vital insights and make smarter business decisions. So – what can you expect when you log in next?

We have now completed building our most powerful condition builder, made some important security upgrades and enhanced the stability, reliability and performance of your Essentials platform even further.

Welcome – to Essentials Winter 2019. Let’s check it out!

Powerful conditions for open answer questions

We proudly INTRODUCE the enhanced CONDITION BUILDER. Back in the Fall release 2018, we introduced the part of the new condition builder to notifications, answer alternative routing, and question routing. But we wanted to do more for you and so expanded the functionality of the condition builder to allow you to create conditions from open answer questions and reporting. 

What does this mean for me though?

Well with this update you can select an open answer question from the dropdown in the condition builder and provide a text string in the input field in order to base the condition on an open answer question.

How you will BENEFIT:

  • Get insights more accurately by tailoring the survey experience based on the open answers that your respondents are giving #byebyesurveyfatigue
  • Harmonises your experience by offering the same condition builders wherever in Essentials you are working

Advanced logic in the Condition Builder

We have GREATLY EXPANDED the functionality and increased the flexibility of the new condition builder by allowing YOU TO CHOOSE the logic. In the former condition builder, answer alternatives from the same questions, were subjected to an “OR” logic, whereas answer alternatives from different questions, were subjected to an “AND” logic

What does this mean for me though?

Well with this release you can select from a large selection of answer alternatives, and have the same condition builder wherever you’re working!

How you will BENEFIT:

  • A true milestone in Questback Essentials, we have extensively enhance your possibilities around analysis functions
  • Harmonised your user-experience by offering the same condition builders in all stages of your feedback work.
  • Dive into the details more easily and tailor the filters, more insights, easier to understand – that can only mean better business decision!

The name is Security, Questback Security

We take data security really seriously here at Questback, and so as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that we have the best possible standards around information security and data protection we would like to use this opportunity to make you aware of an important security upgrade launched earlier in January 2019. 

We’ve put all the details around this Security Upgrade in our Customer Community, with a technical description and Q&As. Check it out here! 

The final stage of the upgrade follows at the end of March 2019 for all our customers that are working with our API integration options.