Questback Release 2024-3

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming release to Questback 2024-3, bringing further enhancements to your user experience.

Improved Dialogues and Lists:

Building on the enhancements from the previous release, we’ve continued to refine dialogues and lists for improved usability. This includes ensuring that buttons are consistently positioned, and text is aligned for elements with similar functionality.

Enhanced Filter Box Search:

Improved search functionality in filter boxes, allowing users to select multiple filters. Available in Batch Copy and Report Settings, among others.

Cleaner Validation Page:

Enjoy a more organized validation page when validating or publishing quests.

Direct Access to Generated Files:

After exporting to Generated Files, users now have a direct link/button to navigate to the Generated Files section.

Quick Access to Theme Manager:

Direct links to the Theme Manager have been added where quest, email, and report themes are configured.

Theme Management Enhancements:

Within themes, users can now duplicate or delete themes for greater customization.

Contact Group Enhancements:

Users can now duplicate or delete groups within Contact groups, providing greater control over contact group organization.

User Group Improvements:

Admins and superusers now have the ability to delete groups within User groups.

Color Scheme Management:

Users can now delete color schemes directly within the Color Scheme settings.

Bug Fixes:

In this release, we’ve addressed several bugs to ensure a smoother and more reliable user experience.

Your Feedback Matters:

Thank you for your ongoing support and valuable feedback. We’re committed to continuously improving Questback to enhance your user experience!