This is the first step in creating your Quest, where you can set the introduction, Quest type and name, response options, Hidden identity, and GDPR preferences. Explore more details about each setting by clicking here.


The Designer is where you bring your survey to life, organizing its structure, layout, and content to ensure your questions and options are finely tuned for valuable insights. For more information on Designer functions, read more by clicking here.


Questback streamlines survey translation for a diverse audience. Your chosen language serves as the default, even for duplicates. You can add languages, choose respondent language options, and translate manually or via Excel import. Read more by clicking here


From the Distribution tab, you can distribute the Quest to your participants by adding them as invitees and creating the E-mail/SMS invitation text. Use the Distribution Log to track your invitations and get a full overview of your invitees. There are several distribution methods available. Read more by clicking here.


Notifications serve as a highly versatile and efficient tool for engaging with respondents, enabling you to interact not only with them but also to alert you or other parties based on their responses. This multifunctional feature can be employed in numerous innovative ways. Read more by clicking here.

Test & Publish

The Test & Publish feature empowers you to manage your quest’s accessibility and duration for respondents. Alongside availability settings for when the quest will be published and stopped, you can also generate test data to validate and test the quest. Read more by clicking here.


Filters created from the Filters pane are designed for use within the report, allowing you to filter responses based on conditions related to answers given in one or more questions. These filters help you refine responses based on answer-related conditions. Read more by clicking here.


Display your valuable data from respondents without affecting Quest data, even if you build, delete, or edit reports. Each new Quest includes one default report with the initial questions. Read more by clicking here.


Responses are valuable, and with Essentials, you can follow up with respondents individually or in groups based on their data and responses. Use filters, including custom ones, to refine responses. Read more by clicking here.