Questback Essentials – Winter release (version 42) 2021

Our final release for 2021 is perfectly aligned with our overall ambition to make your feedback work as simple, secure and powerful as possible:

  • SIMPLE: we have embedded extensive tooltip sections for elements under “Designer”, offering you help and guidance “on the fly”, while you are working with your quests.
  • SECURE: we are strengthening your options for multi-channel feedback and offer now flexible password protection for the distribution methods of your choice.
  • POWERFUL: we have further harmonized the user experience and offer now powerful and flexible grids and dropdowns.

For all the details, please read the full documentation below or watch our YouTube-Video here:

What’s new?

#1 – New Tooltips in Settings, Languages & Designer

New tooltips have been implemented in Settings, Languages & Designer. All tooltips are connected to a FAQ that is viewable inside of Essentials by clicking on the “Read more”.

#2 – Flexible password

We have improved our existing “Security” functionality under Quest Settings. Previously you would set 1 password for all respondents. Now you can choose what distribution methods you want to use in your password requirement, making it a lot more flexible.

For more details about flexible password see our FAQ: How to use security

#3 – Search-functionality in dropdowns for ESS-users

A quality of life-improvement that we hope you will get great use of. You are now able to search in most of our dropdowns and sorting has been made alphabetically.

# 4 – Colour Scheme Manager update

We have improved the user experience of choosing and creating colour schemes in the newly released colour scheme manager.

#5 – Set your own table size

In several tables inside Essentials, you can now decide how many items to display per page. Choose between 10, 20, 50 & 100.

Other improvements:

  • There is now a visible counter on Open Answer Short for the respondent
  • Ability to see how many open answer responses have been submitted in reports
  • A minor upgrade in how we manage logos in theme designer

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