Questback Release 2024-6

We’re excited to introduce the latest update to the Questback platform, known as the 2024-6 release. This update brings a significant enhancement aimed at improving your reporting capabilities.

What’s New:

Stacked Filters in Reports:

Users now have the ability to utilize stacked filters in reports. This feature enables the stacking of multiple individual filters and merging them, eliminating the necessity of manually creating each filter combination. Read more

What are stacked filters?

Stacked filters, also known as nested filters or cascading filters, are a method of applying multiple filter conditions to a dataset in a hierarchical manner. Instead of applying a single filter criterion, stacked filters allow users to layer multiple criteria, refining the dataset with each additional filter.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

Several bugs have been addressed, and various enhancements have been implemented to ensure a smoother and more reliable user experience.

We value your feedback and are committed to continuously improving Questback to meet your needs. Thank you for choosing Questback as your feedback solution!

Questback Release 2024-5

We’re delighted to unveil the latest update to the Questback platform, known as the 2024-5 release. This update brings forth several significant enhancements and visual updates designed to enhance your user experience. What’s New: Navigation Updates: The Reports tab found in the top right menu, has been renamed to Results for better clarity and consistency. […]

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Questback Release 2024-4

We’re excited to announce the latest update to the Questback platform, known as the 2024-4 release. This release introduces several significant enhancements and visual updates to elevate your user experience. What’s New: New Standard Quest Theme: When creating a quest from scratch, a new standard Quest theme is now applied by default (unless another quest […]

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Questback Release 2024-3

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming release to Questback 2024-3, bringing further enhancements to your user experience. Improved Dialogues and Lists: Building on the enhancements from the previous release, we’ve continued to refine dialogues and lists for improved usability. This includes ensuring that buttons are consistently positioned, and text is aligned for elements with similar […]

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Questback Release 2024-2

We’re excited to announce the latest update to Questback (2024-2). This release focuses on enhancing your user experience with a series of improvements and updates. Modernized Error Messages: Say goodbye to traditional error alerts. Our error pages now feature a modern design for a more user-friendly experience. Refreshed Layout for System Emails: Enjoy a comprehensive […]

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Questback Release 2024-1

In our initial release of 2024 (2024-1), we’re thrilled to introduce substantial under-the-hood enhancements to streamline the Questback platform. While most of the work is behind the scenes, you’ll notice a fresh and updated look on the login page. This release also includes several bug fixes, ensuring a smoother user experience. We appreciate your ongoing […]

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Questback Release v60

We’re delighted to announce the upcoming release of Questback. This release introduces several exciting enhancements to amplify your user experience. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new: Fresh Homepage Look: Prepare to be greeted by a brand-new homepage design! The interface has undergone a significant makeover for all users, ensuring a modern and sleek appearance. […]

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Power Insights with Advanced Analysis and Effortless Export Automation

We know that the shortest way to insights is the preferred route. That’s why we are now releasing functionality that will help you find your strengths and challenges in every quest result, as well as getting served with new insights in your mail inbox without any hassle. Debut of Top/Bottom Analysis in Reports Get ready […]

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Latest additions to the Questback platform

We’re excited to announce our latest release with fantastic new capabilities, including keeping series comparisons when batch copying reports and chart type icons for easy identification. Set organization-specific targets with target lines in reports and enjoy a smoother experience with several bug-fixes. Contact your salesperson to activate the new target line feature.

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Questback Essentials Release V48

Our developers work continuously to improve the Essentials platform. With the help of your valuable feedback, we are kickstarting 2023 with the launch of the following new elements: GPDR Settings – new option for automated deletion routines for personal data used for distribution. Quest Preview – enhanced navigation, incl. the option to jump directly to […]

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Enhanced display settings in reports (v47)

It’s become even easier to work with display settings in reports! Instead of having them in a separate area, you will now find display settings under an icon in your actual chart or table. This way you can immediately see the visual impact of changes you make to your charts and tables. „Seems like everything […]

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Questback Essentials – Autumn release 2022 (V46)

We are constantly building to make Questback Essentials more efficient & user friendly. Our latest addition in this fall release consists of the following main elements: 1. Quick access to insights – You can now download selected charts with feedback data and insights directly from a LiveReport. 2. Effortless work with translations – A fully […]

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