Questback Essentials – Autumn release 2022 (V46)

We are constantly building to make Questback Essentials more efficient & user friendly.
Our latest addition in this fall release consists of the following main elements:

1. Quick access to insights – You can now download selected charts with feedback data and insights directly from a LiveReport.

2. Effortless work with translations – A fully overhauled and enhanced section to easily manage your translation work, including easy import/export functionality.

3. Do more with Questback – A fully overhauled and enhanced section to easily manage your translation work, including easy import/export functionality.

4. Bugfixes –  Fixed 25 bugs and minor improvements.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” – Albert Camus


1 – Quick access to insights

Our online and real-time reporting with LiveReports have just become even more interactive: in addition to offering your LiveReport viewers an own filter selection for drilldowns, you can also allow them now to download selected charts from a LiveReport directly to their desktop!

No more handling and sharing of heavy export files: go online and real-time with our LiveReports and allow the viewers to download whatever is relevant for them!

2 – Effortless work with translations

Handling of multi-lingual feedback has never been as easy as now: manage all your survey languages efficiently and effectively, track the translation status’ and handle your translations externally with export/import or directly in Essentials. Find a more detailed guide HERE.

3 – Do more with Questback

Our new subscription packages ( offers you a lot of flexibility to choose the setup and configuration that is needed for your organization. You are not force to sign up for a one-size-fits-all deal, but can pick and choose what is relevant for you!

Updates and adjustments are of course possible and to make it easy for you to learn on what’s available, we highlight relevant features directly in Essentials! Questions: contact us, and discuss them with your local Questback teams!

4 – Bugfixes

We listen to all the valuable feedback our customers provide us, especially when in contact with our support.

Thanks to your feedback over 25 bugs and a dozen minor improvements are included in this release.
We strive to make your daily experience more convenient in Questback Essentials!

Need support? Please contact


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