Questback streamlines the process of translating your quest for a diverse, multilingual audience.

  • Default Language: Your user-specified language is automatically set as the default. If you duplicated the quest, the original quest’s default language will be used.
  • Additional Languages: You can easily add the languages you need, regardless of which ones you choose.
  • Language Choice: Decide whether respondents can choose their preferred language or if the quest will be presented in the language of the invitation.
  • Adding Translations: This can be done in two ways:
    • Manual Input: Click Edit translations and enter each text manually in the next window.
    • Excel Import: Export an Excel document, fill in the translations, and upload the document again. You can choose to export all languages or one by one.

Important Notes for Excel Import:

  • Do not change the Context Data field, the Default Language field, or the headers. Changing these will cause the upload to fail.
  • Fill in the translations for each row.