Questback Essentials – Spring release 2017


We AIM to offer a feedback solution where our customers can do more than simply collect answers. They should be able to enhance
and categorize all incoming feedback, and seamlessly work with that extended data across all steps of the feedback process.

We proudly INTRODUCE our SCORING as new feedback element
that truly boosts the way our customers can work with feedback.

Scoring starts simple: our customers get a easy-to-use grid to assign points to the answer alternatives of selected question(s). Once
defined, Questback Essentials automatically sums up the points (or scores) per respondents, and makes the scores available in all further stages of the feedback work.

  • Survey design: define skip logics with scores, and display scores with tags (e.g. in the thank-you note).
  • Reporting: get scores integrate in regular reports, both as aggregate averages or as lists with the scores per respondents.
  • Analysis: create filters and comparisons based on scores.
  • Follow-up: trigger notifications emails based on scores, and engage respondents in an interactive dialog with their scores as starting point.


Scoring adds value throughout all stages of a survey work, and extends the areas of use for Questback Essentials substantially.

Customer BENEFITS include:

  • Better feedback and higher response rates with interactive surveys: launch a survey with scoring, and provide instant feedback to the respondents at the end about their scores, with thank-you notes or follow-up activities enhanced with scores.
  • Enhanced reporting, with scores displayed online and in real-time in our LiveReports, both as aggregate scores or lists with scoring details.
  • More analysis options: create filters and comparisons based on scores, and learn more about your feedback data!
  • Customized follow-up with notifications based on scores, to close the feedback loop with an interactive two-way dialog with the respondents.

New AREAS OF USE supported by scoring include:

  • VoE: competence mapping, test and exams, certification programs, fun quizzes, contests, recruitment, onboarding, and much more
  • VoC: customer training and certifications, contests, supplier and partner reviews, fun quizzes, contests, and much more.
  • Research: extended options for survey design, to cover complex skip logics, combined with integrated reporting, analysis and follow-up.