Questback Essentials – Summer Release 2019

Hey y’all,

Our online and real-time reporting in Questback Essentials already stands for quick access to instant insights, but this is no place to rest.

We continuously aim to improving and enhancing our live reporting capabilities, to provide our customers more insights and opportunities to learn from the feedback they receive!

Now you’ll be able to display a collection of questions and its respective statistics in one chart or table.

You can find all the details below on the new feature “Collection” and the fixes included in this release.

The release is fully in tune with our overall aim to …

  1. provide you with shorter and smarter access to insights, and
  2. offer users such as yourselves a superior and harmonized experience when working with Questback Essentials,

… with new additions to all of these “story lines”!

What’s new?

Collection – the latest addition to our online and real-time reporting

We have completely overhauled and significantly enhanced our current index function, and proudly re-launch it as COLLECTIONS, featuring:

  • Collect/combine scores and stats for selected questions
  • Heatmap-inspired visualization
  • Extensive “slice&dice” to drill down and compare, incl. a wide range of stats available (read more below)

BENEFITS – more granular insights and more opportunities to learn about the feedback received, all fully embedded in our online and real-time reporting.
Catchy visualization with heatmaps, combined with extensive stats.

Set default chart or table for LiveReport – the latest addition to our online and real-time reporting

We are building on our work with the launch of “Collections” with its table views and are extending selected elements of it to all questions, including:

  • Option to define which view (chart or table) is to be the default in LiveReports.
  • Support for table views in our dashboard-inspired single-page LiveReports (previously: only charts)

BENEFITS – more flexibility and more control for our users and customers. They own their feedback work and data, and they have now all options available to decide to whom, how and in which form they would like to present them … of course: only and in real-time, the standard with Questback Essentials!

Customize your Collection table – Extensive “slice&dice” to drill down and compare

You can select what statistical data you want to use in your Collection, simply by navigating to your Collection -> Table view and use the Select columns to select the best statistical data for your use. 

To be space efficient, we are converting column text to symbols and abbreviations when there are more than 6 columns added to the table. You can always hover over the symbols to display the text when you are unsure of what the symbol means.

New and improved styling for tables for ALL question types – an easier & more efficient way to view tables.

We’ve refreshed our table to be more modern and easier to read, which will make you more efficient to go through your collected data!

  • Added zebra striping on rows for easier readability.
  • Added divider lines between columns.
  • Added outer border lines.

This is added for ALL our question types.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a UX issue where the wrong date was displayed for reminders when creating a new reminder.
  • Fixed a UX issue where the date for when survey was closed did not show for respondents trying to access the quest.
  • Removed a column from the user export that were added wrong.
  • Fixed a report issue when using „Select answer alternatives to show“ the text were synchronized with other crosstabs that had the same question you use.
  • Fixed an issue where existing interval filters added 1hr+ when opened.
  • Fixed an issue in SPSS exports where the exported file did not follow the culture for date, for the user and its respective user language.
  • Fixed an issue where comparisons for hierarchy were not exported when used.
  • Fixed an issue where search for quests failed when user had permissions to more than 1000 folders.
  • Fixed an issue with open answer conditions that didn’t work when used together with override filter for Raw exports.
  • Fixed an issue with scoring- filters when the ScoreObtained had decimals.
  • Fixed an issue with PPTX-export with too many open answers, ergo slides, that failed. Added limitation for maximum open answers displayed in an export, as the issue was the number of slides generated. In order to export all your open answers, we recommend RAW exports.
  • Fixed issues for dropdowns that did not display a tooltip on the text for the item.
  • Fixed a styling issue for the dialogue-window when duplicating a quest.

Summer release demo video