Questback Essentials – Word Cloud (v41)

«Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble.»

-Yehuda Berg


It is finally here and available in Essentials: WORD CLOUDS, meeting frequent and repeated requests from many of our customers. 

  • Our newest addition to our reporting elements, complementing our charts, tables, and heat maps (collections), for catchy and easy-to-read visual presentation of feedback. 
  • Supported not only for open answers and comments but also for structured feedback with Single-select questions!  
  • Full flexibility for formatting and branding, incl. the option to manage own stop/exclude words and to apply custom colors and display settings.  

For all the details, please read the full documentation below or watch our YouTube-Video here.

What’s new?

#1 REPORTING – Word Clouds

We aim to provide a feedback solution that provides our customers instant insights on feedback they receive. Our online and real-time reporting is to offer our customers all the options and flexibility, to get their feedback visualized instantly with interactive charts, tables, heatmaps and more!

Our brand-new Word Cloud visualization is our latest addition to our reporting, and available for all Single-select and open answer questions and offers instant insights. Word Clouds are a catchy and easy-to-read presentation of feedback. They come as additional report elements and can be freely combined with the current chart and table views, to get a holistic presentation of all data.

All flexible formatting and branding options, incl. interactive filters for LiveReporting viewers or our recently added custom color schemes are fully available for Word Clouds as well.

And not least: they come with full multi-lingual support to manage and define with key words are the be displayed, and which (fill) words to excluded.

How it benefits YOU: 

  • More flexibility for our customers to define the reports for their needs and of their choice.
  • Instant insights with easy-to-read and catchy Word Clouds.
  • Better reporting, with Word Clouds included and supported both in LiveReports as well as exports.

For more details about Word Cloud, please read our FAQ here.


R&D are never taking a break to crush those annoying bugs, and here is a quick overview of what we’ve fixed in this release.

  • Fixed an issue with report names with comma that cut off file extension name.
  • Fixed an issue with interactive menu behavior.
  • Fixed an issue with Report Designer ignoring certain sortings.
  • Fixed an issue where duplications with already duplicated respondent data fields are not allowed.
  • Fixed an issue where emails with underscore added in Contacts did not work in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue with Word and PDF exports that had question text twice in some question types, when response count where checked.
  • Fixed an issue with Word and PDF exports where chart legend in matrix main questions did not work properly with single color.
  • Fixed an issue with Stacked bar and column charts. 
  • Fixed a performance issue with Activity Overview-page.
  • Fixed an issue with Cross tabulation against Respondent data crashes Word and PDF export, in some cases.