Questback Essentials – Fall release 2018

Another release has just landed on your desktop – boom! As always the Questback Essentials team live, laugh and love to provide a feedback platform that helps you get those essential insights (like what we did there) to drive better, more informed decisions.

So in this Fall release we’ve continued upon this commitment and unified the experience of building conditions across the entire service, as well as enhanced notifications. We want the right messages, getting to the right people, quickly. We also have a new addition to the team – Questy, more about that in a bit, and crushed so many bugs we feel a little guilty.

Welcome – to Essentials Fall 2018

Powerful, but simple – flexible DIY feedback

We proudly INTRODUCE the new CONDITION BUIDLER to routing. Back in the summer we added this to answer alternatives, and have now extended this to routing and notifications. Whoop, we hope you’re as excited as we are. 

What does this mean for me though?

Well, it means now you’re able to define conditions in the same way as you do for answer alternatives (with the exception of filters).

How you will BENEFIT:

  • The advanced features, with the simplicity of the harmonised condition builder
  • User friendly interface, helping you get more from the power of Essentials
  • Everything in one place – much better overview of the entire logic (sorry, your scrolling finger has less work to do now!)

Where can I find this new feature?

The functionality is located in the routing element, click on add condition:

We have replaced the old setup using radio buttons and inline conditions with the new condition builder.

The right message, to the right person, at the right time

CONDITION BUILDER for NOTIFICATIONS. Here we have improved the functionality to make it possible to create just as advanced conditions in notifications, as in routing. 

The functionality and experience have now been completely harmonized across these three areas: routing on answer alternatives, routing on questions and notifications.

How you will BENEFIT:

  • A seamless experience building conditions, where ever in the software you are doing this
  • Smarter condition builder means a more personal experience for the respondents
  • Reduce survey fatigue, and get more of that valuable insight
  • More advanced logic in notifications – more personal notifications, meaning smarter insights

Condition builder for notifications – where to find it

QUESTY – welcome to the team

In the summer release we gave Essentials a bit of a face-lift, optimized the user guidance, grouped features together and streamlined the various stages in the workflow to present a cleaner, easy to work with experience.

To continue the theme of making it EASIER, QUICKER and SIMPLER to use our powerful software we added a chat-bot called QUESTY – always there to support you. Whether you’re a night owl or early morning riser, QUESTY is there to get answers for you fast.

Ps. Currently Questy is in probation, so let us know what you think – should Questy stay or should Questy go – is it making your life easier? Drop us a message on the Community.

Squash! The bugs are gone (almost)

personal message from the engineering and product team:

Here at Questback we are committed and passionate about bringing software that helps you (the important people) be the best you can be!  Over the last two years we have invested heavily in new features and functionality in Essentials – all aimed at helping you be faster and more efficient.  What we want to focus on now is ensuring that the overall experience of using Essentials is truly exceptional.

So until the end of this year our focus is: Stability, Reliability and Performance. We’ve already enhanced performance, turning processes and performance actions into seconds, and improved stability and reliability through fewer bugs.

Alongside these important elements, we are also investing in the areas of user experience and user interface, with a team dedicated to this – what this means is that you will begin to see new, fresh and intuitive updates to the platform. But don’t worry, we are still working on some cool new features that you will see introduced over the course of 2019!

Ps. Our last release, did you like it or did you hate it? Is there something you really want to tell us? We would love your feedback so please drop us a line on the Community.