Questback Essentials – Grab a coffee, our Engineering and Product people have a personal message…

Squash! The bugs are gone (almost)

personal message from the engineering and product team:

Here at Questback we are committed and passionate about bringing software that helps you (the important people) be the best you can be!  Over the last two years we have invested heavily in new features and functionality in Essentials – all aimed at helping you be faster and more efficient.  What we want to focus on now is ensuring that the overall experience of using Essentials is truly exceptional.

So until the end of this year our focus is: Stability, Reliability and Performance. We’ve already enhanced performance, turning processes and performance actions into seconds, and improved stability and reliability through fewer bugs.

Alongside these important elements, we are also investing in the areas of user experience and user interface, with a team dedicated to this – what this means is that you will begin to see new, fresh and intuitive updates to the platform. But don’t worry, we are still working on some cool new features that you will see introduced over the course of 2019!

Dag Hasvold – Director of Engineering
Martin Röver-Parkes – Director of Product Management