Questback Essentials – Enhanced NPS reporting, flexible Quest Login with tokens and improved user experience.

Our latest additions before the summer break 2022 includes 3 key elements:

1. Better insights, with improved NPS reporting in our standard LiveReport, to support intuitive analysis with comparison, and flexible display settings. Click here to read more about NPS reporting.

2. More feedback, with customizable tokens for quest login!

3. Easier navigation, with overhauled and streamlined user-interface: harmonized and re-styled grids and accordions.


Quick overview of v45 release: 

  1. REPORTING/ANALYSIS – enhanced NPS reporting.
  2. DISTRIBUTION – quest login with flexible tokens
  3. USER EXPERIENCE – improved navigation
  4. Bugfixes

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“Friends, sun, sand, and sea, that sounds like a summer to me.“


#1 – REPORTING/ANALYSIS – enhanced NPS reporting


We aim to provide a feedback solution that offers our customers flexible and intuitive report and analysis capabilities, for quick access to insights.

Drilldowns and comparison with the NPS question type are especially important to learn about experience amongst customers (CX) and employees (EX), to identify trends and areas for improvement.


With this release v45, we have fully overhauled, upgraded and improved our offering for NPS reporting and analysis.

  1. We offer now flexible drilldowns and comparisons directly in the NPS question.
  2. We support various options to visualize NPS in different ways, incl. scores, charts, distribution, timelines and tables.
  3. We allow individual target settings, and for internal benchmarks

All functionality is available directly under reporting and can be used in all LiveReports, for instant sharing of insights, online and in real-time!


  • Better and more insights!
  • Drilldowns and comparisons allow to identify trends and to find the areas with the customer/employee experience varies.
  • Instant sharing of insights raises awareness and allows to define activities for improvements.

Read more about the new NPS functionality here.

#2 – DISTRIBUTION – quest login with flexible tokens


We aim to provide a feedback solution that offers our customers flexible and secure methods to collect feedback.

Token-based logins survey is a well-established distribution method of choice and gives our customers yet another alternative to reach out to survey audiences, especially in scenarios where the participants cannot be reached directly with email or SMS invitations.


With this release v45, we have extended offering for token-based login to quests (*) and offer our customers even more flexibility when working with it:

Choice of security level, with options “high”, “medium” or “low” to define the length and the complexity of the tokens, incl. the option to define a custom lengths for the tokens.

Keeping the best from before, the token-based quest logins continue to be linked to dummy email addresses and allow customers to add additional respondent data for the participants, at any time before and after the distribution and feedback collections.

(*) Available as add-on feature, subject to additional fees depending on base contract. Contact your local Questback office for more information


  • More feedback!
  • Full support for feedback scenarios where participants cannot be reached via email or SMS invitations yet require a unique login to control which feedback is collected.
  • Flexible handling of token, and own choice on which security level is required and relevant for them.

#3 – USER EXPERIENCE – improved navigation


We aim to provide a feedback solution that offers our customers a state-of-the-art user experience.

Feedback work with Questback is to be simple and intuitive, and harmonized design and user interface is to help and guidance our users through all steps of their work.


With this release v45, we overhauled and streamlined our user interface in Questback, with the special focus on the following aspects:

  • Trimmed and re-styled the navigations accordions, to save space and optimize for usage on smaller screen.
  • Harmonized all grids, and offering the same sorting and filtering functionality, with clear and visible icons for shortcuts and actions.

And the same time, we kept the best from before, with the intuitive and fully integrated workflow from left (settings) to right (follow-up), to cover all aspects of the feedback work. The quick links to more help with (?) and links to the Academy remain as is as well.


  • Less time spend on clicks, more time available for insights!
  • Feedback has become even easier, and the navigation between the various steps and elements of your feedback work is straight forward.
  • The user interface is built on easy recognizable design elements and offers an intuitive way of working with feedback.

#4 – Bugfixes

Our developers are never taking a break to fix those annoying bugs you might (or hopefully might not) meet in your adventure for feedback.

  • Fixed an issue with opt out text in “test reminder”-emails.
  • Fixed an issue with generate test data-popup that shrinks.
  • Fixed an issue with scoring statistics and single page livereport.
  • Fixed an issue with scoring not displaying in follow-up.
  • Fixed an issue with “Others” and “Don’t know” alternatives that were not removed when you change question type multi-select and priority drop-down list.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting themes that were default themes.
  • Fixed an issue with timeline on NPS questions that were not displayed with advanced hidden identity-setting.
  • Fixed an issue with “Send copy of response”.
  • Fixed an issue with NPS reports that were automatically created.
  • Fixed an issue with search-field under “Users”.
  • Fixed an issue with page break in answer module.
  • Fixed an issue with satisfaction meter in raw excel reports.
  • Fixed an issue with Calender-question type in report.
  • Fixed an issue with Generate test data and languages.
  • Fixed an issue with distribution log calculations.
  • Fixed an issue with exports and additional languages.
  • Fixed an issue with trial account links in answer module footer.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting default email/report themes.
  • Fixed an issue with saving in Report Settings.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect translations for Swedish.