Questback Essentials – Spring Release 2019

Hey folks,

It’s landed, our Spring 2019 Release is here, and we have done several updates to our fantastic DIY feedback solution, Questback Essentials! You can find details below on all the new features and the fixes included in this release.

The release is fully in tune with our overall aim to …

  1. give you better/ more control when managing your account,

  2. provide you with shorter and smarter access to insights, and

  3. offer users such as yourselves a superior and harmonized experience when working with Questback Essentials,

… with new additions to all of these “story lines”!

So … what’s new?

1. Filter conditions based on Survey Language

We have listened to you and have, based on numerous feature request, added the system field “survey language” as new option in our condition builder.

This extension makes it possible for you to create filters based on which survey language the respondents have chosen when answering a multilingual survey, and use the filter for analysis with comparisons, or to create variations of reports with “batch copy”. Of course, the filter is applicable as well to the grid “Responses” under Follow-up.

By the way, did you know? This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for further additions to our new condition builder, with additional system fields to be included to build conditions

2. Improved Response Log

We have “cleaned-up” and stream-lined the response logs in our reports, with them now offering a much more granular view about the different sources from where the responses come from.

With all these detailed insights available in the response logs, you are in a much better position to understand and interpret the feedback you received, and to fine-tune and adjust the distribution channels for future surveys, based on your response pattern from previous surveys.

By the way, did you know? The various “channels” outlined in the chart (E-mail, SMS, Link and Dynamic Links) are clickable in the charts (to hide or display them), so viewers of LiveReports can do some additional drill-down and analysis work, without the user having to create and provide any additional filters!

3. Harmonized Report Settings

Following the success with the simplified and harmonized condition builder in the last couple of release, we have focused on the “Report Settings” in this release.

We cleaned-up the layout setting and have especially aligned the settings within the wizard for “batch copy” of reports to “report settings” available for each report, as short cut in the overview list with all reports and as button within the report.

In addition to a harmonized user experience, this improvement strengthens the “batch copy” of reporting, making it simpler and more efficient for you to produce all the reports variations they need with a few clicks only!

4. Send Test Invitations / Reminders

This small improvement is yet another example where we took your feedback seriously and came up with a more intuitive and user-friendly solution!

Previously, we included the preview link in the invitations and reminders that users could order as “test emails” when setting up and testing their distribution methods, which resulted in frequent support request of customers wondering why the survey links in the test invitations/reminders are not working properly.

With the change to the “test quest” link instead of the “preview”, we have strengthened the character or the test invitations/reminders as proper tests, with the recipients of these emails being able to properly test both the look and feel of the invitation as well as the survey.

5. Export of User Details

The final new addition to Questback Essentials is all about control and strengthening the DIY character of the user management.

Also here: we listened to our customers and added an export option available to super users for them to be able to extract user details within the account, including additional information such as “user role”, “user language”, “user type” and “role”.

By the way, did you know? This is just the first step in our overhaul of the user management, with additional new and improved super user functionalities to come!

Bug fixes


  • Improved duplication of quest to also duplicate actions on answer alternatives.
  • Fixed an issue with sanitizer for greater than (>) & lesser than (<).
  • Fixed an issue when moving a question type in Designer.
  • Fixed an issue when using “Export to word” and “Show Conditions” together.
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent use of wording in Designer.


  • Improved duplication of quest to also duplicate SMS invitation and reminder bodies.
  • Fixed an issue with time zone when exporting the invitee list.


  • Fixed an issue when editing index name.
  • Fixed an issue when editing existing filter name.
  • Fixed an issue when adding filter in some cases would break the export.
  • Fixed an issue when saving filter for a question type.


  • Improved how “Multi Matrix” questions are displayed in the report.
  • Fixed an issue with the color scheme: “Red-Yellow-Green” & “Green-Yellow-Red”.
  • Fixed an issue when displaying Hierarchy alternatives in report.
  • Fixed an issue when using “Show Response Count in Chart”.
  • Fixed an issue for “Select alternatives to show” for a question type.
  • Fixed an issue when displaying percentage in Summarized Excel-exports.
  • Fixed an issue when using Quadrant Chart and data value “Weight” together.
  • Fixed an issue with “Index” weight and labels in chart..
  • Fixed an issue when displaying decimals.
  • Fixed an issue when adding and removing questions from report.
  • Fixed an issue with “Last updated” in LiveReport.
  • Fixed an issue with Estonian translations.
  • Fixed an issue with “Label Editor” for some question types.


  • Improved “Move all users data” to include Themes, GDPR statements and Contacts.
  • Fixed an issue when deleting user with some features.


  • Improved dropdowns to be more consistent.
  • Fixed an issue when scrolling past the dropdown would close the dropdown.


  • Added DB indexes for improved performance.
  • Fixed an issue with encoding.