Questback Essentials – Spring Release Import Questions

We have done some more spring cleaning and found some shortcuts along the way!


We are continuing to improve the power of Essentials with additional shortcuts to insights added for both the design and reporting sections.

Designing surveys (or Quests as we like to call them) and benefiting from previous feedback work has never been easier: our new “import question” feature allows you to copy selected questions from existing surveys and importing in your new drafts. In the same go, we also added a “import from file” option for questions, to facilitate your survey design.

In addition, our reporting features now have additional rolling interval filters (e.g. yesterday, last week, etc.), so you can monitor trends over time.

Finally, we got creative have significantly improved our exports to include better charts and formatting options and offer an “include all questions” for raw data exports.

What’s new?

#1 – DESIGN import / re use questions (= your question bank)

We aim to provide a feedback solution that allows our customers to work efficiently. 
Re-using previous work and benefiting from shortcuts are a crucial element in survey design, and so are seamless ways to import content from external sources, to process and use in Questback Essentials.

Our brand-new option to RE-USE and IMPORT QUESTIONS features:

•    NEW: re-use and copy selected questions from existing surveys, to seamlessly import and add them to a new survey. The wizard includes smart search and sort functions, to easy find the quest or template from where to copy and import from.

o    TIP: create your own surveys with questions you would like to re-use yourself or share with other users and use them as your question bank!

•    NEW: option to import questions pre-formatted in Excel directly as file. 

•    IMPROVED: option to imported pre-formatted questions via copy/paste.

How it benefits YOU
•    Efficiency gains, with shortcuts and time saved when designing survey.
•    Improved team work, by sharing best-practice questions with colleagues. 
•    Better feedback and more insights, with consistent best-practice questions.
•    Seamless import options, via file and copy/paste.

#2 – REPORTING –trend analysis with more interval filters

We aim to provide a feedback solution that allows our customers to get instant insights. 
Questback Essentials is all about always listing and being continuously open for feedback. This allows to monitor developments over time and to see trends at an early stage, to act quickly!

To support instant analysis and trend analysis, we added the following NEW/ROLLING INTERVAL FILTERS:
•    YESTERDAY, as counterpart to today
•    LAST WEEK, as counterpart to this week
•    LAST MONTH, as counterpart to this month
•    LAST QUARTER, as counterpart to this quarter
•    LAST YEAR, as counterpart to this year

How it benefits YOU
•    Efficiency gains, with shortcuts and time saved with reporting and analysis.
•    Instant trend analysis, with matching pairs of interval filters. 
•    Rolling analysis, no need to update report settings
•    More insights

#3 – EXPORTS –better charts and quicker access to all raw data

While we aim to provide a feedback solution that allows access to insights online and in real-time, we acknowledge to many of our customer continue ot prefer with exports. 
Following our DIY principle with as much flexibility for our customers, we make all charts in exports editable, allowing full control to our customers.

We improved and updated our chart components for all export formats but with focus on PowerPoint, to support a better look&feel and unlimited options for post-editing. 
In addition, we improved the raw data export, and included the option “include all questions” in the export wizard, for customers not the miss any data when extracting them.

    TIP: while we are continuing to support and improve a wide range of export options, we focus mainly on reporting that is ONLINE and IN REAL-TIME, for our users that work with it inside Essentials and for viewers of reports that are granted access to LiveReports. Check it out, especially the branding option, the dashboard-inspired single-page view and the interactive drilldown options for viewers!

How it benefits YOU
•    Full flexibility and control for post-editing of charts in exports
•    Up-to-date chart components
•    Easy one-click-check to include all data in raw data exports

Commercial notes:


R&D are never taking a break to crush those annoying bugs, and here is a quick overview of what we’ve fixed in this release. 

•    Fixed an issue with Trial Account Signup and not consenting to cookies. 
•    Fixed an issue with chat bot to support.
•    Fixed an issue with open answer table format with comments in report for PowerPoint exports. 
•    Added link to Trial account in the footer section for response module. 
•    Fixed an issue with Upload File for PowerPoint exports.
•    Added NEW symbol to Questback’s new templates. 
•    Fixed an issue with quest titles that couldn’t be duplicated because it had double quotations. 
•    Fixed an issue with print preview of Quest. 
•    Fixed an issue where GDPR setting where OFF when you duplicated from another quest. 
•    Fixed an issue with Open answer short multiple and PowerPoint exports with more than 20 rows. 
•    Fixed some issues with Stacked Area and Stacked bar for exports. 
•    Fixed an issue with sorting together with color “Green Yellow Red” for exports.
•    Fixed some issues for Date/Calendar for report and exports.  
•    Fixed an issue for “Select answer alternatives to show”. 
•    Fixed an issue for Quadrant chart in summarized exports.
•    Removed the checkbox for “only export selected data formats” in the raw data export. 
•    Fixed an issue with response log and red yellow green. 
•    Fixed an issue for Multi Matrix Main question and Quadrant Chart that had “Show Chart legend: ON”. 
•    Fixed an issue for exports that had Crosstabulation and satisfaction meter.
•    Fixed an issue with Export Quest to Word that did not include routing conditions. 
•    Fixed an issue for exports that used cross tabulation with some chart types that didn’t display well in PowerPoint.