Questback Essentials – Summer release 2017

Enhanced follow-up: more feedback data and quicker access

WHY – we aim to offer a feedback solution that goes beyond static feedback collection and reporting. 
Our customers should be able to see all relevant feedback data in one view, have the options to customize the view to their needs and export the data if needed for further follow-up work. 

WHAT – we enhanced the options to work with follow-up in Questback Essentials, and offer now an interactive and flexible response grid:

  • Flexible selection of data: the grid is now fully customizable and the users are free to select which feedback data (columns) they would like to have displayed. The existing sorting and export options follow the selection in the grid.
  • New system data: the grid allows now to select and display an extensive list of system data for each response together with the answers and uploaded background information,incl. a unique responseID, the response time, the response language, the device type used and many more.


  • More insights: the new combination of system data with responses and background information allows more and deeper insights into the feedback from customers and employees.
  • Quicker access to feedback: the new interactive and flexible grid displays all relevant feedback data online and in real-time in one view, while the one-click download to desktop makes the export of data as seamless as it gets.
  • More and better targeted follow-up: interactive sorting combined with flexible selection of data allows to quickly select the relevant groups of respondents and to engage in an interactive follow-up dialog with them!

New export type: all feedback “receipts” collected in one file

WHY – we aim to offer a feedback solution that allows our customer to fully use it also for use cases like event registrations, applications processes, or supply chain reviews.
Common with them is typically the need to get the individual responses collected and displayed as “receipts” in one file, e.g. all applications or registrations listed one after the other in a PDF export, for internal and external distribution and review. 

WHAT – we added the new export type “All Answers Form”, available for all reports:

  • Layout: with the new report type, the exported file includes the collection of all responses to a survey, listed as “receipts” one response after the other.
  • Content: per response, the exports displays all available system data per response (such as responseID, response time, device type, etc.), plus the responses to all questions that are added to the report that is exported.
  • Formats: the new report type can be exported to Word or PDF.


  • Enhanced and improved support for the use cases listed above, i.e. event registrations, applications processes, supply chain reviews and many more.
  • Better follow-up: reviews of the individual responses listed one after the other allows to quickly identify respondents with specific follow-up needs.
  • More insights: with the combination of responses enhanced with all relevant system data (such as responseID, response time, device type, etc.), the new report type offers great insights and the option to learn more about individual responses and the background of the feedback provided.