Questback Essentials v39 release 2021

Efficient Feedback Work

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time.” 
—John Lubbock

Feedback work with Questback Essentials is as simple, flexible, and as efficient as never before! 

Building on the additions from the previous release, we continue to extend your options around the duplication of quests and allow now to include any pre-built notifications as well. At the same time, we have streamlined the set-up of automated follow-up and offer an easy on/off choice between one-way and two-way notifications, to cover for all your follow-up needs. 

In addition, we are launching another long-requested functionality to make your work with feedback as efficient as possible: search & replace. Find words or phrases in all parts of a survey and simply have them all replaced by a new term; all done in one click!
For all the details, please read the full documentation below or watch our YouTube-Video here.  

What’s new?

#1 FOLLOW-UP – include pre-built notifications in quest duplication

We aim to provide a feedback solution that allows our customers to work very efficiently and to be able to re-use as much of their previous work as possible. 

Duplicating existing quests is a very efficient and widely used way of working with feedback already, and our aim with this release was to strengthen this further!

When duplicating a quest, either from the landing page “CREATE QUEST” or when copying one directly from its folder, the wizard presents this NEW options:

  • “INCLUDE NOTIFICATIONS”: include all notifications pre-built and created in the quest to be duplicated and have them added to your new draft.

Please note: we overhauled and improved the set-up of notifications at the same time, to streamline and simplify your options around automated follow-up. When creating or editing a notification, you do have the option now to easily and flexibly active/de-activate the notification, and/or to check on/off whether the notification should be two-way including follow-up case embedded dialog options (check: on), or just one-way (check: off). 

How it benefits YOU:

  • Save time and focus on what counts most: follow-up of feedback and dialog with your respondents, to build trust and gain insights.
  • Build and share best-practice quests incl. notification set-ups according to your feedback needs, for efficient feedback work.

#2 ADMIN – new SEARCH & REPLACE option

We aim to provide a feedback solution that allows our customers to manage their work as efficiently as possible.
Re-using work done previously is a key element in efficient work, which typically comes with the need to mass review and update terms or phrases.

We proudly offer our brand-new SEARCH & REPLACE functionality, available as extra menu option throughout all stages of your work with quest, from “Settings” and all the way to “Follow-up”!

SEARCH & REPLACE features:

  • Search for words or phrases, with the option to make the search term case sensitive, to make it match the whole word or to work with “regular expressions”.
  • Flexible choice to replace in one, several or all places found.
  • Flexible choice to apply search to current context or the entire quest.

How it benefits YOU:

  • Efficient feedback: search & replace to apply chances with one click only.
  • Better feedback: operate with updated and consistent wording in quests.
  • Flexible feedback: search & replace where applicable and with options activated as required.


R&D are never taking a break to crush those annoying bugs, and here is a quick overview of what we have fixed in this release.

  • Fixed an issue where NPS answer alternatives were not translated correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where you got an error for duplicating a quest with more than 1000 respondent data alternatives.
  • Fixed an issue where language on respondent data was not updated when default language was changed.
  • Fixed an issue with quota on alternatives.
  • Fixed an issue with scoring tags together with with respondent data.
  • Fixed an issue with translations for start and end label on slider.
  • Fixed an issue with PPT exports and Quadrant charts.
  • Fixed an issue with edge case of converting respondent data alternatives.
  • Fixed an issue with swapping default languages and empty quest title.