Questback Essentials – Increased Deliverability and Enhanced Quest Design (version 43) 2022

 With our first release in 2022, we have focused on the following two elements in our continued efforts to deliver more value to our customers: 

  • Better Deliverability: to ensure the highest possible delivery rate for our email invitations and reminders, we have upgraded our server infrastructure and send now all emails from the dedicated domain This upgrade comes in addition to our continued offer for custom sender addresses, and we encourage all customers to review and consider this option! 
  • Enhanced Quest Design: as part of our continued focus on offer our customers more flexibility in their work to design and build questionnaires, we have launched the option to select whether comments to questions are to be displayed above or below a question text, plus the exclusive response option “none of the above” for multiple choice questions. 

Read about all the details below, or see our documentation here.

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#1 – Updated Email Infrastructure and Sender Details

We aim to provide a feedback solution that offers our customers safe and secure distribution for all their feedback work, with highest possible deliverer rates.  
Collecting feedback and gaining insights depend on a trustworthy and seamlessly working distribution infrastructure, with state-of-the-art safety and delivery methodes in place.

With this release v43, we have fully overhauled, upgraded and improved our infrastructure for the send-out of email invitations, reminders, receipts and follow-up dialog messages. 

To ensure highest possible delivery rate, we send now all the emails in Questback Essentials from the new and dedicated email domain, instead of This new domain includes state-of-the-art anti-spam mechanism and scales up automatically with large send-outs, to cater for peaks and high volumes. 

At the same time: we continue to encourage all our customers to work and operate with own custom domains for their send-outs. Our dedicated support team works closely with your IT, to exchange mutually approved keys and settings to accommodate for this. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information or read more here.


  • Safe and secure send-outs of email invitations, reminders, receipts and follow-up messages
  • Highest possibly delivery rate with new/dedicated domain
  • Extended and streamlined option for custom sender details, to strengthen branding and trustworthiness.


#2 – Flexible and enhanced options

We aim to provide a feedback solution that offers our customer a wide range of flexible design options, to build a quest that meets their needs a 100%.
The design options should be intuitive to use, fully embedded in the design workflow and cover the needs of our customers

With the release v43, we release two widely requested features and design options, that we will support many of our customers in their daily work with feedback: 

  1. Flexible positioning of comment fields to questions
    Prior to the release v43, the extra comment field to a question has always been displayed above the question type. New is the flexibility for our customers to decided whether they would like it above or below.
  2. Exclude response option for multiple choice question types
    Multiple choice question often include an extra response option is mutually exclusive with all other options often, typically labeled as “none of the above”. To support such feedback scenarios, we support now a “mutually exclusive” option for “Don’t know”.


  • Better survey experience, with improved and streamlined look&feel” of surveys. 
  • Better feedback, with the support for the logics of “none of the above”. 
  • More insights, based on high quality and consistent feedback data.

#3 – Theme Manager 

Theme Manager has received a makeover, making it more modern, and grouped settings more logical. At the same time we have added an easy way for the user to customize button size, position and look.



R&D are never taking a break to fix those annoying bugs you might (or hopefully might not) meet in your adventure for feedback.

Fixed an issue in Quest Designer where missing question text and routing caused problems with validation.

Fixed an issue in Themes where last modified date did not update correctly.

Fixed an issue with folder names containing “/”.

Fixed an issue with GDPR info text displaying twice for a user.

Fixed an issue with theme thumbnail displaying preview stamp.

Fixed an issue with uncomplete responses in distribution log.

Fixed an issue with date format for generic “quest is unavailable”-message.

Fixed an issue with Theme Manager custom CSS where you had to save twice.

Fixed an issue in reporting where quest comparison showed warning even though compare is ok.