Questback Essentials – Winter release 2018

Process-Driven Feedback: Flexibility to Edit Published Quests

WHY – we aim to offer a feedback solution that allows our customers collect and work with feedback all the time; and as we know that things change over time, our ambition is to offer our customers all the flexibility needed to adjust their feedback when required..

WHAT – we proudly introduce the option to edit published quests! Our customers get the full flexibility to …

  • Add/edit/hide questions, incl. sub-questions to matrix questions.
  • Add/edit/hide answer alternatives in questions.
  • Add/edit/remove routing conditions
  • Add/edit/hide additional quest languages
BENEFITS – this new flexibility is truly a MILESTONE for Questback and all customers, and is a key element in the transition from static, one-off to process-driven feedback work over time.
  • Process-driven feedback over time allows to work with feedback when and where it matters!
  • Combined with instant reporting and follow-up, Questback Essentials truly stands for feedback work in real-time!
  • Better insights, with reporting over time and trend analysis

Improved User Experience: Dynamic Preview with Export Options

WHY – we aim to offer a feedback solution that offers our customers a superior user experience, with all the functions and options available needed in their daily work with feedback.

WHAT – we extended our current preview function with two long-requested features:

  • In the “Print-Preview”, we added to option to show or hide all conditions used for routing. Our customers can now define themselves whether they would like the conditions displayed for internal quality checks, or hidden to get a cleaner preview with the questions only.
  • Export to Word: to get a questionnaire out to Word for external review and checks is now fully possible with the new export functions.
  • Export to PDF is supported as well, via the print button and then “safe to PDF” there.

BENEFITS – our customer can now operate with a dynamic preview that is easily adjustable their needs.

  • Better feedback: the interactive hiding/displaying of routing conditions allows better quality assurance of surveys, leading to better feedback and more insights.
  • Export to Word or saving to PDF allows to view the survey outside of Questback Essentials for further checks and better feedback!

Reporting: Extended Export Options for Reports and Uploaded Files

WHY – we aim to offer a feedback solution that allows our customers to flexibly export the results of their feedback work, in the shape and the method that works best for them.   

WHAT – we extended our exports options with the following options:

  • Exports ordered as “Secure download” are now not just sent by email as links to download, but also added to a log directly in Questback Essentials for downloads there.
  • Documents uploaded by respondents with the question type “Upload”are now available for downloads, directly in the reporting in Questback Essentials as well as in LiveReports
  • These files (images) can now also easily be previewed in the reporting in Questback Essentials as well as in LiveReports

BENEFITS – exports and working with the result of feedback work has become even simpler and easier now.

  • Exporting reports from the log inside Questback Essentials offers an alternative export option that no longer depends on email send-outs.
  • Preview and export functions for the files with the upload question type adds value to this extended

Reporting and Analysis: Filters based on Open Answer Questions

WHY – we aim to offer a feedback solution that allows our customers to flexibly work with their feedback, and to better
understand, segment and follow up free text input by respondents in open answer questions.

WHAT – we extended our filter offering to include the option to define a filter with the operator “does contain” for all open
answer questions. Once created and applied, the filter actively searches for the key word used in the filter set-up and only
displays the open answers that include it!

BENEFITS – our customers get even more options to actively work with their responses and to get better insights from their
work with feedback.

  • Filters based on open answer questions allow a quick access to feedback that contains the selected key word.
  • Option to set up comparisons, to validate whether different free text input leads to different evaluations.
  • Targeted follow-up to respondents that provided free text input around selected key words!

Enhanced Follow-up: Personal Notifications with Flexible Recipients

WHY – we aim to offer a feedback solution that goes beyond static feedback collection and reporting. Lifting feedback to the next level with the ability to follow up with respondents with automated notification emails is a key differentiator of Questback Essentials

WHAT – we enhanced our current offering with notifications with the following exciting features:

  • Use the email addresses given as response to a question as recipient of a notification email
  • Add the unique ResponseID as tag to the recipient, to make it traceable.


  • Include more people in follow-up work: the new option to send notification emails to email addresses registered by respondents opens up a wide range of new areas of use, such as automated teaser emails to new prospects!
  • Personal follow-up: add the unique ResponseID as tag to the notification, to make it traceable and support transparent case handling.