Questback Essentials – Winter Release 2021

Reporting & respondent data made easy

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”

Fancy having your as easy as 1, 2, 3, what is more, tired of starting your reporting from scratch again and again? Check out our newest addition to include custom reports you built previously, when duplicating a survey, incl. pre-defined filters, comparisons, and cross-tabulation. Instead of spending your valuable time configuring reports, get access to your insights in no time and focus on follow-up and turning them into action!

Further elements of this year’s winter release we include a brand-new “Respondent Data Field Manager”, which allows you to flexibly add and edit fields for background data that you include together with invitations. Combining experience data you collect through your feedback activities with CRM or HR data has never been easier, so you get the truest and most valuable insights for your organization.

For all the details, please read the full documentation below or watch our YouTube-Video here.  

What’s new?

#1 REPORTING – include pre-built reports in quest duplication

We aim to provide a feedback solution that allows our customers to work very efficiently and to be able to re-use as much of their previous work as possible. 
Duplicating existing quests is a very efficient and widely used way of working with feedback already, and our aim with this release was to strengthen this further!
When duplicating a quest, either from the landing page “CREATE QUEST” or when copying one directly from its folder, the wizard presents these NEW options:

  • “INCLUDE REPORTS”: browse through all reports pre-built and create for the quest to be duplicate and select up to 10 of them to be included in the new draft.
  • NOTE: the duplication of reports includes any customer settings done, incl. adjustments to the question list, additional elements like collections or logs added, branding options selected and not least any analysis with filters, comparisons and cross tabs applied.

How it benefits YOU: 

  • Save time and focus on what counts most: analysis and follow-up of feedback, not re-building reports from scratch
  • Build and share best-practice quests and reports set-ups according to your feedback teams, for efficient feedback work.

#2 – RESPONDENT DATA – new manager for flexible and efficient handling

We aim to provide a feedback solution that allows our customers to flexibly combine their existing data about respondents with their feedback, and to have intuitive managers and wizards to efficiently handle the management of such respondent data. 
We combined the best of two words:

  • We KEPT the intuitive import wizard for adding invitees and auto-creation of custom fields to store the uploaded respondent data fields, incl. the intuitive tag pickers
  • We BUILT AND LAUNCHED a NEW respondent data manager, to for customers to view, edit and remove existing custom field, or to create and manage additional ones. The manager features a conversion option, to optimize the usage and performance of such fields!

How it benefits YOU: 

Respondent data = valuable insides

  • Enhancing feedback with existing data has been a winning set-up before and has become even easier and more flexible with this release.
  • Converting of data fields to optimize performance no longer requires assistance from Questback support.

See our FAQ HERE:

#3 – DISTRIBUTION – new survey login, with unique tokens

We aim to provide a feedback solution that allows our customers to flexibly orchestrate the distribution of their feedback activities, by themselves and fit-for-purpose for them.

A wide range of our customers work actively feedback scenarios where survey login pages and unique tokes play a key role, so we are keen to offer this distribution option for all customers in a new and fresh DIY style. 

Following our move to the cloud and the launch of our new answer module with the fall 2020 release (v37), we have completely overhauled our dated survey login page and re-launch it now as NEW embedded distribution method, directly available in a DIY style inside Questback Essentials.

The new “Survey Login” (*) features:

  • On-demand generation of unique tokens
  • Direct export to desktop, for external distribution of tokens
  • Dummy email address added for each token, with option to add respondent data

How it benefits YOU

  • Extended portfolio of available distribution methods
  • Reach more respondents = more insights
  • Token-based participation = option for full anonymity, yet full control over one participation per respondents (relevant e.g. for votes or elections)

(*) Subject to additional license fee. Please contact your local Questback office in case of questions.

See our FAQ here:


R&D are never taking a break to crush those annoying bugs, and here is a quick overview of what we’ve fixed in this release.

•    Fixed an issue in Batch Copy and Collection-items with Ghost compare.
•    Fixed an issue in API integration for GetReportExport with answer alternatives containing tags.
•    Fixed an issue with corrupted PPTX-exports.
•    Fixed an issue where you could not edit a chart in PPTX-exports, if Question name contained white spacing.
•    Fixed an issue in Quadrant Chart for Multiple Matrix-Question types and sorting with weight.
•    Fixed an issue with max length of URLs in redirect for answer alternatives.
•    Fixed an issue with missing sender address for some templates.
•    Fixed an issue with too many characters in Open Answer, Long-Question type that broke responses.
•    Fixed an issue where “Reminders sent” where not correctly added to distribution history.
•    Fixed an issue with Test Quest-Label.
•    Included Quest Alias in GetQuests integration API call.
•    Fixed an issue with encoding for Dynamic Link responses in Follow Up.
•    Fixed an issue with Hierarchy-Question Type in some specific Quest Themes.
•    Fixed an issue with Save-button not displaying correctly in Test&Publish.
•    Fixed an issue for Matrix Main question with one row and pie chart for not being correctly exported.
•    Fixed an issue with \s in answer alternatives that gave 500 error.
•    Fixed an issue for Logo not being displayed correctly in a Quest.
•    Fixed an issue for Hover text on disabled report buttons.
•    Fixed an issue for raw data reports that crashed if the report contains more than 1000 questions.
•    Fixed an issue for stacked column with percent in PPTX-exports.
•    Fixed an issue for mandatory setting not working on Hierarchy-Question type.
•    Fixed an issue for Dynamic Link not differentiating between specific ISO language codes.
•    Fixed an issue with passwords on quests.
•    Fixed an issue in a edge case for Advanced hidden identity
•    Fixed an issue where preview links were not possible to share with non-Essentials users.
•    Fixed an issue with Print preview and show conditions.
•    Fixed an issue with “Continue answering” with specific languages.
•    Fixed an issue with adding and removing filters in Reports.
•    Fixed an issue with “Display Quest name”.