Questback Essentials – Winter Release SFD 2020

Start 2020 and the new decade with a massive boost for your daily work with feedback!

Finalizing our Winter Release (Part 2 – 2020) 

Creating exciting feedback initiatives have never been easier! Our brand-new landing page guides you through all available choices, featuring:

  • Best-practice templates, an easy overview of your favourites and existing surveys by colleagues and duplicating existing ones has never been simpler.
  • In addition: take control and decide how to work and share feedback with your colleagues. The choice is yours about what you would like to share: survey only (NEW) or survey with results!

What’s new?

#1 – New landing page for CREATE QUEST

We aim to provide a feedback solution that allows you to get started with your feedback initiatives in no time.”

You need to have access to all available choices in an intuitive and easy-to-use form, and the option to create and manage short-cuts and get quick access to the work that is most relevant for you!

Our new landing page CREATE QUEST features:

  • Complete overview with all available options displayed in one place, incl. quick access to practice templates, your own favourites plus quests created and shared by your colleagues
  • Interactive drill-down and search function to find your starting point
  • Intuitive wizard to preview and select the correct templates or survey

Which we think will BENEFIT you by:

  • Improved user experience, with significant efficiency gains in your daily work with feedback.
  • Personalized and customized landing page with short cuts to the surveys that are most relevant for you

#2 – New flexibility “Shared for duplication”

We aim to offer a feedback solution where you have full control over all you feedback activities and with whom of your colleagues you would like to share what. 

Our new option “share for duplication” adds a new dimension to manage access right down to a very granular level:

  • NEW – grant access via “share for duplication”: your colleagues see your quests in the new landing page when creating a quest and can make a copy if it (= only copy the quest settings, questions, language versions plus invitation content). All results and follow-up activities are not affected and remain private and only accessible to you!
  • EXISTING – grant access via “share folders”: your colleagues get full access to your quest(s), incl. the results under reporting and follow-up and the right to do own reporting, analysis and follow-up work.

Last but not least: each quest has a new field for internal comments, for you to easily manage different versions of your quests, and/or to inform your colleagues about the versions when sharing them!

Benefits – 
Even more options for you to keep control about who has access to which part of your feedback work. 

Straight forward to find the quest of your choice, with the newly placed search function that includes international comments as well!

Download Questback Essentials – Winter Release SFD 2020 commercial notes here

Bug fixes

R&D are never taking a break to crush those annoying bugs, and here is a quick overview of what we’ve fixed in this release.

  • Fixed an issue in designer where quota could not be applied to answer alternatives.
  • Fixed and issue with the system field for SMS-distribution.
  • Fixed an issue in exporter that caused reports with long titles to fail.
  • Fixed an issue with date/calendar formats that caused raw data exports to fail.
  • Fixed an issue in exporter that created to many decimals in NPS charts in exported reports.
  • Fixed an issue in the answering module that allowed iphone users to select priority drop-down answer alternatives multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue in the SMS textbody editor that displayed text with a lot of <br>-tags.
  • Fixed an issue in designer where the preview and default for custom matrix questions did not match.
  • Fixed an issue with how the question list in designer behaves when switching questions.
  • Fixed an issue with the deactive function in the users grid.
  • Fixed an issue with pop-up script usage.
  • Fixed an issue with numeric values in raw data exports of NPS questions.
  • Fixed an issue with labels in raw data exports.
  • Fixed an issue with showing response count in sub-questions in exported reports.
  • Fixed an issue where additional information overlayed the charts in PPTX exports.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying collections and radar charts in livereports.
  • Fixed an issue with how the SMS-editor under distribution displayed text for additional languages.
  • Fixed an issue with having priority drag and drop questions as deafault and creating a new question.
  • Fixed an issue with enabling and disabling SMS reminders.
  • Removed locked icon from the list in theme manager when you could not change the sharing status.