Questback Release v60

We’re delighted to announce the upcoming release of Questback. This release introduces several exciting enhancements to amplify your user experience. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:

Fresh Homepage Look: Prepare to be greeted by a brand-new homepage design! The interface has undergone a significant makeover for all users, ensuring a modern and sleek appearance.

Insightful Stats Boxes: Stay in control with at-a-glance insights! The new stats boxes on the homepage provide a comprehensive overview of key metrics, including the number of active quests, closed quests, and more.

Moved Maintenance Messages: Responding to your feedback, we’ve relocated the maintenance message box to a separate info box.

Slider Buttons:

Most checkboxes have been replaced with intuitive slider buttons for easier navigation.

Expanded Text Boxes:

Communicate with clarity! Text boxes for alternatives and question texts have been enlarged.

User-Friendly Homepage for New Quest Creation: The homepage now offers a simplified quest creation process for first-time users and users who have not created a quest previously. Access ready-made templates effortlessly and find guidance with ease.

Enhanced Performance Integration API:

We’ve fine-tuned the performance integration API for a smoother and more efficient user experience.

Bug Fixes:

In addition to these enhancements, we’ve dedicated time to address several bug fixes, ensuring a more stable and reliable Questback experience.