Questback Essentials – Fall Release 2017

Improved Survey Experience: New Question Type “Hierarchy Dropdowns”

WHY – we aim to offer a feedback solution that offers our customers and their respondents a superior and state-of-the-art survey experience, with fully branded and responsive surveys and interactive elements!

WHAT – we are introducing the new question type “hierarchy dropdowns”.

  • Answer alternatives are presented in a cascade of dependent dropdowns where respondents are lead to take their selections in an interactive way.
  • All dropdowns appear on the same survey page, offering a superior survey experience by avoiding extra scrolling or clicking on “next” buttons for the respondents.
  • Integrated reporting, with optional charts, tables and stats per hierarchy level.

BENEFITS – the new question type not only offers the respondents an improved survey experience by presenting relevant choices on the same survey page without scrolling or “next” buttons, it also offers significant efficiency gains for the users working with a survey:

  • Design: instead of having to build cascades of separate questions with page breaks and routing conditions, all design work is now to be done in one question only.
  • Reporting and follow-up: system generated charts, tables and stats per hierarchy level provide instant insights and a solid foundation for follow-up activities!

Enhanced follow-up: flexible work with individual responses

WHY – we aim to offer a feedback solution that goes beyond static feedback collection and reporting. Our customers should be able to see all relevant feedback data in one view and have the option to flexibly work with individual responses.

WHAT – we pick up the work from the summer release 2017 with its addition to the response grid under “Follow-up”, and present the following new elements:

  • Remove responses: work with feedback now includes the option to simply remove responses that are faulty, misleading or simply no longer relevant.
  • Edit and comment responses:  responses to a survey can for many reasons be wrong or incomplete, and our new option to edit a responses provides all flexibility to our users to correct them if needed.
  • View responses in consecutive order: added “next” and “back” allow an easy navigation in the work with individual responses.


  • Full control: the new options to edit and remove responses provide our customers full control over their feedback, and their work with individual responses.
  • Quicker access to feedback: the new consecutive view with next/back navigation provides instant access to individual responses.
  • Better follow-up: interactive navigation through the individual responses opens yet another entry point to engage with respondents in an interactive follow-up dialog.

Flexible Reporting: extended customization options for charts

WHY – we aim to offer a feedback solution that offers our customers a flexible way to get their feedback data visualized and presented in the way they would like to have. 

WHAT – we continued our work with “flexible reporting” and added the new option to hide selected answer alternatives in charts. 

We introduced this option successfully for cross-tabulations with the winter release 2017, and extend it now to all charts for all question types!


  • Full control and flexibility over the visualization of feedback in reports.
  • Better insights with fully customized and “fit-for-purpose” charts.
  • Increased focus on relevant feedback to initiate targeted follow-up activities.