Power Insights with Advanced Analysis and Effortless Export Automation

We know that the shortest way to insights is the preferred route. That’s why we are now releasing functionality that will help you find your strengths and challenges in every quest result, as well as getting served with new insights in your mail inbox without any hassle.

Debut of Top/Bottom Analysis in Reports

Get ready to tap into the power of your data like never before! Our new Top/Bottom analysis addition is here to simplify your number-crunching efforts. In one click, watch our system highlight the top and bottom averages to understand where you are performing well and where actions might be needed. And guess what? You can decide how many questions to show!

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Shave Off Time with Scheduled Exports

Tired of manually exporting your quest data? Say hello to our brand new ‘Scheduled Exports’. Set up your exports, pick your frequency, and get served with ongoing insights! Whether you want reports weekly, on a specific date, or at a frequency that works for you, our system has you covered. Once you’ve got it set up, you can focus on the bigger picture while our system handles the data exports.

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We’re all ears for your thoughts on these updates. Our customers’ input shapes the changes we bring in, so don’t be shy in letting us know how we can do better.

Enjoy the new features and we look forward to seeing them in action in your hands.