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How can I send a Notification to the respondent immediately after responding?

In order to send a Notification to the respondent after their response, you must have distributed the survey using either Distribute by Email or Distribute by Link with the Show Obligatory E-mail Input Field option selected.

To send a notification to the respondent immediately after they submit their response, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Notifications tab in Questback. Click the Plus-button to create a new notification.

  • Click Create Condition, and add the condition for the notification to be triggered and sent. In this example, we want everyone who answered the question, regardless of their answer, to receive the notification.

  • To send the notification to the respondent, select ‚Respondent‚ from the drop-down menu in the To field under E-mail.

  • In the notification editor, you can customize the content of the notification, including using Q&A tags to display specific answers from the respondent.

Remember to Preview the notification by sending a test to yourself.




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