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How to use Design Themes

Custom themes can be created and applied to one or more Quests. Here you can use custom backgrounds, colours, fonts and sizes for your texts along with your own logos. You have the possibility to customize even further with CSS, if you for instance wish to create your own slider or matrix. You can also create a theme for your report and your emails. This article will cover how you can create a theme for your Quest.

If you wish to create your own custom quest theme, you can do the following:

  1. From the sidebar, select Tools and then choose Design Themes

  1. Select New and then New Quest Theme
  2. Choose a name and starts customizing

You have several options when it comes to the customizing. Start by writing the name of your theme.

After that you may edit the following:

  1. Logo
  2. Background Image
  3. Text
  4. Colors
  5. Other
  6. Custom CSS


From the logo section, you can choose an image to head your quest. This can for instance be a company logo or similar

You can do this by selecting Choose image and then upload a file (from your desktop), link media or previously uploaded media content.


Under background image you have the options to add an image as background in the Quest


Under Text you can pick and choose between different fonts, sizes and colours for the different areas of text


In the colors selection you can slide to get different colours and select the transparency of the selected colour (alternatively: provide the RGB- or hex values directly). Easily set and edit colors on objects in the Quest like Background, Progress bar, Button color, Slider and many more:


From other you have additional options to customize the look of your quest. Customize objects like Button Size and position, Choose to display Quest name and Progress Bar:


In the last section, custom CSS, you can use CSS to customize the format of the different question types with code. For instance, you can edit the colour in your matrix questions, or change how your slider appears. We’ve created a separate documentation for CSS:(https://web2.questback.com/Downloads/ThemeManager_CustomCSS_EN.pdf)

It is advisable to use CSS only if you have a good understanding of it. This is because without the necessary knowledge, maintaining and managing CSS can become quite challenging


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