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How to Set Properties on Multiple questions?

Selecting Other Actions – Set Properties opens a dialog box where you have easy control over the properties Mandatory Question, Hide Question Text, Hide Entire Question and Personal Data for all your questions.

  • Navigate to Questionnaire and click on the Other Actions-Button

  • To set the properties on a question, simply check the checkboxes next to it and click Save. Below we have explained what each property does individually.

Mandatory Question

This property is useful for making sure that all respondents answer a particular question. The Mandatory Question will be marked with an Asterix (*). Respondents will not be able to progress in the Quest without answering the Mandatory Question.

Hide Question Text

This option is useful for hiding the question text. The text provided in the Question Text field (under Question Properties) is then hidden from the respondents. This can be useful if your question is especially long – simply hide the question text, and provide your long question in the field for additional information (above the question text). We do, however, recommend that you provide a short identifying text in the Question field to help you navigate on the results page inside a report.

Hide Entire Question

The option hides the entire question from the respondents. All Respondent Data are hidden by default. Hidden Questions will be visible in Designer with an Eye-icon as well as checkered background. Hidden Questions will not be visible for the respondents answering.

Personal Data

This option flags questions so that it will be easier to manage GDPR concerns. Personal Data questions will be marked with a Person-icon below the question name.

Marking questions with the Personal Data option enables you to delete respondent’s personal data in the Responses-section(Found under Results) without deleting non-sensitive questions.



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