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How to use Cross-Tabulation

You want to cross-tabulate when you want to compare different variables/answer alternatives on one or more questions. For example, by comparing different departments on questions regarding work satisfaction, you can easily find out which department that thrives the most.

On a question inside your report, open up the menu SERIES.


Let´s say that you want to compare three departments on the following question: «How do you feel about going to work?». Find the question that asks for department in the drop-down list.

Scroll down and open up the menu DISPLAY. You will see the departments (Support, HR, Sales, Research) side by side, with a «Total» on the left side. The default data in DISPLAY SETTINGS is in percent:

Under the menu DISPLAY SETTINGS, you can change the data from percent to for example average:

And then you will see this under DISPLAY:

   If you want to use the cross-tabulation and see the average score on other questions, use the button APPLY TO OTHER QUESTIONS that you will find on the bottom page in both SERIES and DISPLAY SETTINGS


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