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How to Randomize Question Sets?

To enhance the objectivity and reliability of your surveys, you can employ the feature of Randomize Questions Sets. It allows you to group questions together and present them in a randomized order while preserving the original sequence of questions within each set.

  • To randomize a question set go to the Designer Tab, click Other Actions and then Randomize Questions Sets:


  • Tick off  Turn randomization on and click save:

Turn randomization on and click save

The structure of the randomization operates at three distinct levels:

  1. The Groups: This top-level entity retains a fixed order but grants flexibility to present the content of each group in a random order. To enable randomization, simply check the „Randomize“ option alongside the group name.
  2. The Question Sets: This is the middle level. Each question set must be contained within a group, and they will be presented in a random order if randomization is activated for their parent group.
  3. The Questions: The lowest level, each question belongs to a specific question set and remains in a static order.


To ensure the proper functionality of randomization, it is essential to have the questions placed on the same page without any page-breaks between them.

Select the desired questions from the dropdown menu under the set. To add more questions, click Add a Question(1) from within the relevant question set. Similarly, to introduce a question set, click Add a Question Set(2) within the appropriate group. If the need arises, you can include additional groups by clicking Add a Group.



TIP: You can randomize answer alternatives belonging to a question. Simply click on the Question(1), expand Question Settings(2), and tick off for Randomize Answer Alternatives(3).




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