How to use “Other Actions -> Randomize Question Sets”?

Randomize Questions Sets allows you to group questions together in question sets that can be presented in a random order, while the order of the questions inside each set is preserved.

Randomizing Question sets might help against questionnaire bias, with the order of questions affecting how respondents answer to later questions.

To randomize a question set go to the Designer Tab, click Other Actions and then Randomize Questions Sets:

Randomize Questions Sets

To start, switch to Turn randomization on and click save:

Turn randomization on and click save

Before building a randomization, it is helpful to think of it as consisting of three levels:

  1. The Groups: This is the top level. The groups are presented in a static order, while the content of each group can be presented in a random order. (To enable this, just check “Randomize” next to the group name).
  2. The Question Sets: This is the middle level. Each question set must be contained within a group, and they will be presented in a random order if randomization is activated for their parent group.
  3. The Questions: This is the lowest level. Each question must be contained within a question set, and they will be presented in a static order.

add question

To add a question to a question set, select it from the dropdown menu under the set. To add more questions, click “Add a Question” (from within the question set to which you want to add the question).
To add a question set, click “Add a Question Set” (from within the group to which you want to add the question set).

To add a group, click “Add a Group”.

If you want to turn off randomization for any of your groups, expand the group and uncheck the “Randomize answer alternatives” check box.

Randomize answer alternatives



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