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How to Use Question Settings?

You will find this menu in the Designer tab, on the right side to each question.

  1. Show a dividing line above this question: Every question (by default) has a dividing line to the above question. Unmark this and the line will be removed.
  2. Hide entire question: Selecting this will remove the question from the Quest. This is especially useful in an ongoing Quest, e.g. where the question is no longer relevant.
  3. Hide question text: You want to hide the question text if you wish to write in the question in the “Include additional information” – box above the question text.
  4. Personal data: This button is related to GDPR.
  5. Mandatory question: It´s impossible to continue and finish the Quest if you don´t answer a mandatory question.
  6. Maximum Number of Checks Allowed: This is useful if you want to limit the number of answers.
  7. Randomize answer alternatives: Avoids response bias due to answer order.

Note: The selected Question Type (in the top menu in the question) gives you a specific number of possibilities in Questions Settings.

The functionality Set Properties on Multiple Questions under Other Actions is a big time-saving button:

Set the properties you want for your questions and click Save



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