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How to use Display Settings

You will find the DISPLAY SETTINGS inside any report by clicking the Gear Icon. This is where you determine how the question will be presented in the report:

Chart Type(1) lets you set the chart type for the question.
Show Data(2) as lets you set the data format for the question. We offer three different data formats, values, percent and average-

PLEASE NOTE that we have made it easier for you to decide on a chart type by hiding chart types incompatible with the chosen question. 



Sorting enables changing the order for how answer alternatives are presented in the chart:

  • “Default order” is the same order as the answer alternatives were presented in the Question
  • “Alphabetically A -> Z” sorts the answer alternatives alphabetically
  • “Alphabetically Z -> A” sorts the answer alternatives reversed alphabetically
  • “Answers smallest to largest” sorts the answer alternatives by answer count, smallest first.
  • “Answers largest to smallest” sorts the answer alternatives by answer count, largest first
  • “Reversed default order” sorts the answer alternatives in a reversely from how they were presented in the Question

Enabling Show Data Labels in Chart will add the total number of responses for each answer alternative in the graph:


Enabling Show response Count in Chart will display the total amount of respondents that have answered the given question in the chart:

Enabling Show Statistical Table will add a table under the chart displaying the number of respondents, the mean, the median, and the standard deviation:

Enabling Show Chart Legend will replace the column names in the graph with numbers. A table explaining the numbers will be added beneath the chart. TIP! This is the perfect way of cleaning up charts with long answer alternative texts:

Chart Colors lets you set the colors of the chart. Single color allows you to specify a color to be used on the entire chart, whereas Color scheme allows you to select one of our pre-defined color schemes. TIP! It´s possible to create your own Report Theme with a custom color scheme in the MENU (left side of the page) Theme Manager:

Changes in display settings will only affect the selected question at first. To use selected display settings on other questions, click the Apply to Other Questions button and select the questions to apply the display settings to. PLEASE NOTE that some settings are incompatible with certain question types. If you try to apply incompatible settings to a question, the default settings will be applied instead:

Show Data as – Average will aggregate, and display an average of a full matrix question as a single, average value. The average value is calculated from all responses to all the sub questions in the matrix, i.e. it is not an average of the sub questions’ averages. Note that this option is available for matrix questions only.

Using the Select answer alternatives to show function, you can opt to display a subset of the answer alternatives only. This is highly useful for narrowing the focus in questions with a high amount of answer alternatives, by for example hiding answer alternatives that have no data:


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