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How to use livereport

The LiveReport is the newest, most efficient, and best-looking way of sharing your results. By sharing a LiveReport, the viewer will always have access to the latest data. This is especially relevant in running surveys. The live data in the LiveReport looks equally good on mobile devices and desktop computers.

How to use livereport To access your LiveReport go into the report and click Preview LiveReport.

C:\Users\sulen\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\2-reportsettingsButton.png In Report Settings you have several options regarding both the general report and the live report.

In the Report Settings Menu you can do the following:

Change Name of the report.

Change Name of the report

Change the Theme of the LiveReport.

Change the Theme of the LiveReport

Clicking Follow link will open the LiveReport the same way as pressing the Preview LiveReport button. Copy Link will copy the LiveReport Link to the clipboard, allowing you to paste the URL in for example an e-mail.

report settings

By checking Require Password anyone trying to access the LiveReport will have to enter the password. The default password can be changed by writing the password you want.

Require Password

Let Viewer Choose Filters will let you decide if anyone viewing the LiveReport can choose which filters they want to apply to the live report. You can choose which filters can be accessed in the LiveReport.

Let Viewer Choose Filters

It is important that if you want to Share the LiveReport with someone else, make sure that you have made the status Public. If the status is Private, only you will have access to the LiveReport.

Share the LiveReport

Layout will let you choose between One Chart Per Page, which will give a presentational view of the report. Single Page will show the entire report on one page, which can be a very effective way of going through your report and quickly gaining an overview of the results.


When you are done in the Report Settings it is important that you click OK to save the changes you have made.

When you are done in the Report Settings it is important that you click OK to save the changes you have made

To Change Filter In the LiveReport make sure you have chosen Yes, Give LiveReport Viewer Access to Selected Filters as described above. Then inside the LiveReport press the Filter Button.

Change Filter In the LiveReport



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