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How to set Quota on answer-alternatives

  • Navigate to the Questionnaire tab in the top right menu.
  • Click on the gear wheel behind the answer alternative


  • Click on Quota

  • To set an upper limit on the answer alternative –  type in how many answers you want to collect in the field called Quota size.
  • Click Next

If you select Return back to the quota question and display a custom message and click Next; you must specify a message the respondent will see.


  • Type a custom message for the respondents
  • Click Next

  • Check if summary is correct and click Apply

  • If you Don’t want the respondents to proceed you will get three options: Display custom Message (as described earlier), Display the thank you note or Redirect to an external URL.

A small ticket logo will appear on the alternative in Questionnaire when Quota is applied to an Answer Alternative:

You can also set a quota for a whole Quest, Click here to Read more


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