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How to Create a Quest

Your Quest can be created using one of the four methods:

  1. Create from scratch
  2. Create from template
  3. Duplicate from existing Quest
  4. How to Create a Quest
  • The Create Quest button, visible on both the Home page and within a Quest folder, allows you to choose from the three methods mentioned earlier

Visible from the Home page and from within a Quest folder, the button Create Quest lets you choose among the three first mentioned strategies


Extending an existing Quest is done from Test & Publish either by setting an availability date in the future or unchecking the “This Quest ends”-box. This effectively gives your old Quest new life, and provides an opportunity for getting aggregated results on the same Questions over time.

Create from scratch

When you’ve got a clear idea about how you want your new Quest to be formed, you’d prefer total control over the questions used or just blank pages to get creative with, Create from scratch may be the quickest option for you to get started:

Create from scratch

You’ll just have to enter a suitable Quest title and select a suitable folder, and off you go!

Create from template

If you would like some questions to work with, or would like some inspiration from others, create from template provides a smorgasbord of example quests ordered by type. To preview templates, click on a type (e.g. “Employee Experience”) and then click on any template for a full preview:

Create from template

Et bilde som inneholder objekt, klokke Automatisk generert beskrivelse When you’ve decided on which template to use, use the duplicate button( ) from the menu, or alternatively the ( )this tem – – button from the preview and continue from there.

Duplicate from existing Quest

If you want for reuse Quests that you or your colleagues have created in the past, Duplicate from existing Quests will provide you with a flying start. This let you reuse existing Quests (including it’s questions, question alternatives and settings), without having to mix in new results:

Duplicate from existing Quest

Here, all Quests you and your colleagues have shared for duplication will show, as well as Quests you’ve created or those that colleagues have shared with you using folders and Sharing Permissions. The Duplicate for existing Quest-section also provides you with a Favorites quick view, which will display all shared Quests you’ve pinned using the “Add to favorites”-star.

To browse among available shared Quests, use the filters in the navigational bar, or try the powerful search-function, which even queries internal comments:

To browse among available shared Quests, use the filters in the navigational bar, or try the powerful search-function, which even queries internal comments


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