How to use General

In the Settings tab, you can find the General menu. Here you can find and change general options for your quest.

general options

The Quest Type helps us to learn more about the feedback activities of all our customers, so that we can improve and align our services and content to the actual usage of Questback Essentials.

Quest Type

You can change the name of the quest by writing a new name in the box next to Quest Name.

Quest Name

The first page of the quest is the introduction, and it is written in the box next to Quest Introduction.

Quest Introduction

After the respondent has sent their answer, the thank you note will appear. Write the thank you note in the box next to Thank You Note.

Thank You Note

Redirect Respondents Upon Quest Completion allows you to redirect the respondent when they are done with the quest. Selecting the option will let you choose the Delay, which is how many seconds the respondent will spend on the thank you page before being redirected. The URL: field is where you put the wanted URL for the respondents to be redirected to.

Redirect Respondents Upon Quest Completion

Note that it is important that you hit Save on the top of the page when you have done any changes in the Settings.



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