How can I remove the Please enter your email address from Quest

The Please enter your email address field is activated by default when using Distribute by Link. When activated, every respondent who follow the link to the survey, will have to enter their email adress in order to respond. Usually this feature is useful for identifying respondents. However, in some cases it may not be needed.

Please enter your email address

  • To remove this Please enter your email address field from the Quest, navigate to Distribution and open Distribute by Link. 

  • Tick off the box next to Distribute by link to activate the feature.

  • In this menu, there is an option called Display Obligatory E-mail Input Field (Only for Respondents Following the Link). Uncheck this and click Save to remove the email input field for respondents:



Note: When this email address field is removed, it will not be possible identify the respondents (unless any questions identify them). Thus, eventual automatic e-mail notifications or receipts intended for the respondent will not be sent. Likewise, it will be impossible create a case reach the respondent from Follow-up. All these respondents will be visible as, unless hidden identity is not activated:

automatic e-mail notifications



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