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How to Select Multiple Questions?

Selecting multiple questions will let you mark and move, duplicate or delete all desired questions simultaneously. This can be done in Questionnaire or inside an Report.

  • Navigate to Questionnaire or a Report in order to view the Questions in the Quest.
  • Simply tick the checkboxes on the left border of each question you want selected. A counter in the top will help you keep track of how many selections that are active:

  • When selected, you may move the selected questions elsewhere in the Question list, simply drag & drop them in your desired order.


To duplicate questions, mark your desired questions and click the Duplicate Button from the top of the list.

A dialogue bow will open and offer you to position the duplicated questions in two ways:



  • Placed under each selected item will postion the duplicated questions after each “original” question consecutively.
  • Placed under the item you are currently in will position the questions in the end of the list.

To delete questions, mark your undesired questions press the Delete Button delete icon – then press ok/yes and confirm the deletion:




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