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How to use Distribute by SMS Invitation

Note: Distribute by SMS-invitation is an add-on feature. In order to activate this functionality, please contact: support@questback.com.

  • After this functionality is enabled for your account, you will find it under Distribution:

1. Click Distribute by SMS invitation to open up the menu

2. Sender Name states which name that will appear as sender of the SMS

3. In this field you will have a counter of used and available characters, and the total number of message parts that will be sent out

4. If you have imported respondent data, you can easily insert field codes/tags to personalize the invitation body

5. Invitation body will state the content in the invitations

6. By inserting a mobile number you can send a test before publishing the Quest

This is how you use the menu

7. This button will open up a reminder text body with the possibility to choose reminder dates and/or intervals. All reminders will be sent out automatically to all respondents that has yet to complete the Quest before the set reminder date/interval.

reminder text body


8. Respondents may be invited to and answer the same Quest several times. The button The quest has quarantine period for sms invitations is useful for setting a time interval when former respondents can be invited again:

former respondents can be invited again

When a given SMS-invitation falls under the set quarantine rules, it is added to the invitee list but flagged as Discarded by Quarantine.

9. The setting The quest has default delay on SMS invitations adds delays to each invitation by the defined interval, e.g. by 15 minutes or 3 hours. This delay option is typically used in scenarios where respondents are uploaded via an automated integration, and a delay between the uploads and send-outs is required for operability:

The quest has default delay on SMS invitations


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